Frugal tips, hints and idea's

Rather than reinvent the wheel - these are websites and resources that I use regularly to help me both save money and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Good ol' cheapskates is a great website, written by an Australian woman called Cath - it has videos, tip's, discussion forums and even a book called "debt free, cashed up and laughing"! You can subscribe to their free daily tip and weekly newsletter as well as pay to join the site. 

Simple Savings is another Australian site and is home of the $21 food challenge. Yes it is possible to feed your family on $21 a week!! This site is run by Fiona and she has a free newsletter that you can subscribe to and a tip vault that's well worth a look!

Here's some more that are well worth a look! If you know any others - pop it into the comments so we can all save some money!

LifeHack - 18 tips for extreme penny pinching

Tip Nut - Household tips and hints

Bacon and Eggs - 114 frugal money saving tips

Thrifty Lesley - Hints tips and ideas

Little House Living - Frugal tips for saving money

Kidspot - 50 money saving ideas from real Mums

Thrifty fun - tips for the kitchen

Money Crashers - 13 frugal tips you probably haven't heard

Frugal Feeding - just like it says!

The Balance - Frugal living hints and tips


Cath said...

Hi Kara. I write a blog which is all about stretching my resources, getting the most out of what I have.

Practical Frog said...

Hi Cath! I pop over to your site regularly - Its great! Thanks for dropping by! - K xx

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